Once you have chosen your preferred design and submitted the consultation form, we will contact you to schedule an appointment. Our team will visit your property to accurately mark the location for your new mailbox. Installations are conducted year-round, weather permitting, following the clearance from DigSafe to ensure safe digging conditions.

Each standard installation is priced at $200 and takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete. However, unforeseen conditions encountered during the process, such as frozen ground, underground cement, or obstructions, may increase the scope of work. If additional work is necessary and mutually agreed upon, the price may be adjusted accordingly.

For everyone’s safety, we kindly ask that our customers maintain a minimum distance of 10 feet from the active work area until the installation is completed.

Old Black Mailbox with red flag and number 210 in stickers on side

Step 1 : Remove Old Mailbox

New Concrete Mailbox Post installed with fresh dirt leveled out around post

Step 2 – Install and Level Granite Post

New Black Metal Mailbox Bracket attached to concrete post with blue tarp left next to it

Step 3 – Attach Bracket with Stainless Steel Anchor Pins

Board for mailbox to sit installed to grey concrete post, with black brackets underneath it

Step 4 – Install AZEK Board

New Black Metal Mailbox added to grey concrete post with fresh dirt around it

Step 5 – Secure New Mailbox

New Black Metal Mailbox with number 210 on side. Fresh dirt and clean landscaping in background

Step 6 – Add Numbers and Touch Up Landscaping


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